1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 06

In the last update I added the complete soundtrack as DLC. For a small additional price, players can now get the original soundtrack to relive the legendary 80s!
I’m planning the next update, but I’ll take a break from 1984 to focus on a new project I’ve been working on in the past 6 months.

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 05

I have just published an update with a few fixes and the integration of Cyber Radio. The player now knows which music track is playing and he can jump from one track to another.

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 04

The whole game is finally complete! I’m working on few graphic and gameplay improvements before the final release.

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 03

Halfway through the development!
Check the new release on Steam!

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 02

Early Access on Steam!
1984 Rewired

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 01

The first demo is finally ready!
You can find it here:
1984 Rewired Demo