Untitled_Fungus_Project – Dev Diary 01

The development is progressing, the draft UI is finally complete, and in the home page I have shown the very first screenshots of the game. For now the UI is only functional and is far from being final.
The next goal is to complete some fundamental gameplay modules in order to produce a first demo, which will be crucial for starting a series of closed tests to gather initial feedback on the game.
Testing is expected to take place during Q2 2023, updates with information on the game mechanics will follow.

New project – Announcement

The time has finally come to announce the project I have been working on for the past 12 months! At the moment it doesn’t yet have a definitive title and for now I’m calling it Untitled_Fungus_Project. It is a simulator/management game in which players will have to manage a fungus in order to make it spread across the planet, destroying the world as we know it.
Updates and more details will follow in the coming months.

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 06

In the last update I added the complete soundtrack as DLC. For a small additional price, players can now get the original soundtrack to relive the legendary 80s!
I’m planning the next update, but I’ll take a break from 1984 to focus on a new project I’ve been working on in the past 6 months.

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 05

I have just published an update with a few fixes and the integration of Cyber Radio. The player now knows which music track is playing and he can jump from one track to another.

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 04

The whole game is finally complete! I’m working on few graphic and gameplay improvements before the final release.

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 03

Halfway through the development!
Check the new release on Steam!

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 02

Early Access on Steam!
1984 Rewired

1984 Rewired – Dev Diary 01

The first demo is finally ready!
You can find it here:
1984 Rewired Demo