At the beginning of 2022 I started the development of this simulator/management game in which players will have to manage a mushroom whose goal is to expand on the planet. After several discarded prototypes I am finally close to completing a first version of the game engine that comes closest to the game mechanics I wanted to portray. At the moment I have not yet decided on the title, which is why it remains an Untitled_Project for now.

The project is very ambitious and required dozens and dozens of hours of research to figure out how best to represent the behaviour of a fungus, its growth, propagation and collection of resources necessary for its survival.
Starting with a single colony on the map, the player will have to create a network by linking various colonies together, occupying an increasingly larger area and thus accessing more resources.
Dev-Diary in which more information on the game mechanics will follow

A preview of a very early version of the game

At the moment, most of the game engine is implemented, but some modules are still missing, such as the management of the opponent’s AI and the management of resources distributed across the planet. Moreover, the UI is only a functional draft to test the game.
The development plan is to complete the missing parts and then launch the beta tests during Q2 2023.
Depending on the outcome of the tests, new improvements will be planned, which should lead to a fairly solid version by the end of Q3 2023.

Along with the development of the beta version, I am managing the creation of concept art to define the final mood of the game and to produce artwork that will then be used to illustrate in-game events, describe power-ups and structures that can be purchased to propagate the fungus. In a couple of screenshots you can see an example of a narrative event and structure purchase to upgrade the colony.

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